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Welcome to the Brilliant Green Company

We are specialists in low impact and ethical products. We offer clothes, accessories, home and kitchen ware, bathroom and beauty, as well as products to aid your health and well being.

Our carefully selected product collections are not mass produced and throw away. They are long lasting and enriching. They are made by small independent producers using organic materials, sustainable practices and who do not exploit their workers.

Our products are sourced from all corners of the globe, from ethical producers in Afghanistan to small family run businesses in Bali to independent artisans in Guatemala to organic low impact producers from the UK. These products help to enrich the lives of workers, helping them with the education of their children, expanding healthcare programs and enabling the employment of more women.

By purchasing our products, you not only get unique, interesting and long lasting garments, you help minimise the impact on the environment and enrich the lives of those that worked hard to make it for you.

Our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment and give the best deal to those that deserve it: our producers and our customers.

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