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Five Ways to Reduce Your Impact on the Earth and Improve Your Life


Reducing your carbon footprint is growing increasingly important as governments around the world push for an eco-friendly, stable economy, with as little carbon output as possible. While major changes in industry and government sectors are required to meet green goals, you can do your part, while also working to save money, improve the quality of your life, and your health. Eco friendly is usually considerably healthier than alternatives, and options like solar power are also easier on the wallet over time.

Go Organic - Going organic is one of the best ways you can benefit the environment, not only because organic foods, teas, and clothing are better for the environment, but also because they are better for you. Organic matcha tea is grown without pesticides, so it's healthier for you. It's also grown with efforts made to preserve soil quality, use natural fertilizers, prevent erosion, and ensure that the growing is completely sustainable. Some organics may cost more, but they are better for your health, which can have long-term benefits. Other organics, like swapping out your chemical cleaners for organic vinegar, are actually cheaper.

Solar Power - Installing a solar array on the roof isn't an option for everyone, but if you have a flat roof with a minimum of 2 hours of sun exposure per day, and even better if you have a south facing roof with more sun exposure. You can check a variety of websites like Solar Compared for estimates on how much panels cost to install in your area, and how much you will earn based on the current Feed-In-Tariff rates. Even a small 2-4Kw solar installation can provide a great deal of power, which allows allowing you to cut down on your electricity bill, feed electric back into the grid for direct income, and earn an average of 11-15% back on the price of your solar panels over 25 years.

Reduce Your Electric Usage - Simply installing smart gadgets, remembering to turn your lights off when you leave, and programming your thermostat properly can help you save a great deal of money. Using electrical outlets with switches for devices like televisions and game consoles, which consume power in standby, allows you to cut off electricity by flipping a switch. Solar can also play into this, either through supplementing your energy with PV power, or through solar thermal, which will heat your water for you.

Watch Your Water Consumption - Water has a huge impact on the environment, even in areas where you get a lot of it. Watching your consumption by taking shorter showers, monitoring how often you water the lawn or plants, and avoiding waste can save you a lot, both in terms of energy usage and in terms of monthly bills.

Recycle - Almost everything you purchase can be recycled, and while it takes time, the benefits are immense. You can also look for recycled products when you go to purchase paper, boxes, or plastic, because they have a considerably smaller carbon footprint than items that you use once and throw away. Importantly, some items like glass bottles and aluminum cans are actually worth money if you recycle them. Upcycling, or using old things to make something new, is another great way to go.

Caring for the environment is easy to achieve with a few small, simple steps, but you can also take big ones to create a larger impact. Whatever you do, remember that anything helps.

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