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Zen Craft Matcha - Supreme Premium Grade

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Superior quality Japanese Uji Matcha green tea powder. 100% organic & authentic.

Zen Craft is a fine Japanese Matcha boasting a vivid green colour, refreshing smooth depth of flavour with higher levels of nutritional contents compared to other grades of Matcha.

Created to honour of the traditions of the Zen Buddhist monks who created Matcha 800 years ago. Uji Matcha hails from the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan, the birthplace of Japanese Matcha. It is revered as the very finest quality Matcha in the world, in terms of taste, quality and health benefits. 

Zen Craft is made using traditional methods. Green tea leaves are shade grown, producing higher amounts of chlorophyll giving it very high levels of antioxidants, nutrients and brilliant green colour. During April and May, only the best top leaves are picked, then processed using the Uji processing method: steam dried to maintain maximum freshness and retain nutrients. The dried tea is then stone ground, sealed in tins, ready for you to enjoy it's fantastic health benefits and flavour.

Most Matcha is just powdered tea, ours is powdered green tea with benefits...


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